Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've always been fascinated with dragonflies. They are so unique almost like the seahorse of the ocean. They represent so much to so many different cultures that they are undeniably intriguing. In Japan for example, the dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength and happiness. The japanese love dragonflies that they have created traditional names for over 200 species found there. Ironically enough, out of all this admiration the japanese children are taught to catch dragonflies as a game whereby hair is tied at each end around a pebble which is then tossed into the air. The dragonfly supposedly mistakes the pebble for prey and gets tangled in the hair and the weight of the pebbles drags it down to the floor. I will have to give this a try. Ok. Probably not. Anyhow, here are some shots of my first dragonfly of the summer for me. It took a while this year for them to come out. They like it really warm. Just like me. These shots were taken on the shallow edges of Coon Lake, MN.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Hidden Falls Regional Park is located in St. Paul, Mn. I visited the park early April when he had our first major snow melt. It was very humid and dark that day. A lot of fog hung above a very still Mississippi River.. gave the photographs a mystical feel. Here is the link if you want to visit the park.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arboretum Tulips

Payed a little visit to the beautiful Arboretum in Chaska where 32,000 tulips of all kinds and colors were glowing under the sun. Other plants and flowers are also just starting to bloom due to our late spring or absence of spring.. :) Here are some faves of mine.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hobo reunion at Julianna's house in North East.

A couple of years ago as I was driving around in North East, I saw a peculiar woman infront of her house, watering her out of control garden which practically hid the house from view. She was wearing blue jean overalls and on her head a red bandana with little sun-kissed braids peaking out on either side. She intrigued me so much that I had to park the car on go speak to her. I never really know how I'm going to ask someone if I can take their photo especially when they are doing something so mundane as watering their plants, but I just took a leap of faith and approached her. 

What happened next was unexpected bliss for a photographer. She invited me out back where their was a fire going.. in the middle of the day.. in the middle of the summer. It so happens that she had guests over that had just arrived by the rails . Yes the rail road tracks. So out of the blue this larger than life lady name Julianna who was also crowned "Queen Hobo" introduced me to the world of hobos. So there I was having a glass of white wine out of the box, by the fire, surrounded by hobos one fateful unforgettable summer day. 

Recently, Julianna invited me to a little hobo reunion in her backyard where I met some great people and story filled hobos. I was even given a name if I decide to take on the hobo lifestyle. My name would be "toothbrush." They couldn't get over how white my teeth were. To become an official hobo, you must travel coast to coast by train.. yeah so I'll pass!  So here are some portraits that were taken on a very  drizzly wet and cold day. We however stayed warm thanks to Julianna's husband aka Tuck, who made sure to keep the fire going and made hobo coffee to keep us all warm. 

                                                                                        Dante Pacois
                                                            Tattoed Slim Phoenix, Arizona
                                                                                      Minnesota Jim

                                                                                 Tusan, Minnesota
                                                                                                 aka Tuck